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The young girl that you see above right, is my great great grandmother who had to stow-away in a ship with her two little daughters to seek out a deserting husband. They huddled in the hold for many weeks and when the water level rose too high, they were in danger of being crushed by floating crates. Somehow they made it to Montreal and after searching the snowy streets for three days, she finally found his house. She beat her fists on his door and dropped to the doorstep ~ dead. Watching this scene were her two little daughters, one of whom named Nellie, you see on the left. Many years later Nellie passed this story on to her own daughter, who in turn passed it on to me - a precious chain of memories. These are the links to the past that I hope you can discover.

To help your search, listed below are some of the best web sites to assist you on your quest. Simply click on the one you wish to explore and hopefully, it will link you to your past.

Pob Lwc!

UK & Ireland Genealogy (GENUKI) sites of Welsh Counties
Anglesey Breconshire
Cardiganshire Caernarvonshire
Carmarthenshire Denbighshire
Flintshire Glamorgan
Merionethshire Monmouthshire
Montgomeryshire Pembrokeshire

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