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It is said ~

"The Welsh people were justly proud of being able to orally recall their family pedigrees, spanning back many generations."

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The less fortunate of us, who are unable to recall our Welsh bloodlines, have to resort to the painstaking task of genealogy research. However, an accurate, well documented research can give a sense of belonging and pride in our Welsh ancestors.

Stained Glass image:Over twenty years ago, when I started researching, it became an exciting compulsion of mine to get to know my welsh family ancestry. Unfortunately, I soon learned that there are too many unscrupulous researchers in this world of ours. I hired the services of an 'accredited' welsh genealogy researcher which cost me hundreds of dollars for wrong information. There are genealogists out there who can really trick you into believing that you are descended from Owain Tudor or Glyndwr - or any of the early Welsh princes'.

The researcher that I hired, for example, hit a dead end when he came across seven Ann Davies' born in a single year in the same parish. He just picked one at random - or even trickier, chose the easiest to trace back. In a flash, he had me back four more generations - but, in the wrong family. Later, due to my, by then improved experience in research, and after checking his lack of documentation I made that alarming discovery.

Caerphilly Castle image:In helping people to trace their families with research, I make it my criteria that I need to know exactly that the ancestors are the correct ones and unless I can guarantee it 100%, I will go no further. I back up this guarantee with all the necessary documentation of records of census, births' marriages' deaths' and maps, plus where possible, photographic evidence. An example of my work can be seen, written as chapters, of my own Michaels and Rees family. Also, where there is accurate testimony, I can write chapters of family history stories, similar to my family's Ghost Story.

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If you wish to enlist my help in your research, you can do so by contacting me through my e-mail address. Because I am non profit making, there would be a charge to cover the expenses that would be entailed for documentation and any photos, etc. Full details of such charges can be obtained from me on request through my e-mail service.

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