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Province of Alberta ~ Canada
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The province in which I live, Alberta, became a part of Canada only recently, as measured in modern time, 1905. Previously it had been part of the vast North West Territories and even earlier claimed by the Hudson's Bay Fur Trading Company.

Big Horn Sheep image: From six hundred feet above sea level to over twelve thousand, the views from its mountains and foothills over prairies and plains are spectacular. From golden wheat fields, cross cattle ranches dotted with oil wells, it is covered with clear blue skies which welcome the Chinook winds melting the winter snow. Launch a canoe in one of its many rivers and you would find your way to one of three oceans!

Gopher image: Intriguing names like Head-Smashed in Buffalo Jump, Medicine Hat, Athabasca, Kananaskis, even my town of Okotoks, whisper of Indian legends long past. Daring explorers ventured to Alberta using its rivers like highways today.David Thompson, a Welshman, travelled more than fifty thousand miles and mapped more than two million square miles of the Canadian West before he died nearly blind and in dire poverty.

  Alberta is proud of its western heritage, the badlands where dinosaurs once roamed, the oil, natural gas, beef and wheat sent around the world, and the national mountain parks which frame its edge-

The best province in Canada!

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